Boys Town

Though Hill’s street ethos makes him apprehensive about being interviewed, he gradually warms up to me after a few days. On our second day together, we drive to Boys Town. As we walk around the campus’ pristinely manicured lawns and majestic brick buildings, he recalls taking a trip to Disney World after his arrival at Boys Town. A vacation to Disney World was a universe removed from his disadvantaged, north Omaha upbringing, and he described the trip as a hallowed dreamscape. “But then there’s the other bullshit,” he sighed.

We strolled over to the football field, a site of Hill’s bygone glory. The Boys Town football team is practicing—we borrow one of their footballs and toss it around. Out of shape, Hill tires quickly.

Hill eventually told me that he hadn’t been molested by anyone connected to Larry King, but by a Boys Town priest named Father James Kelly. He was familiar with many of the names on the “Leads List,” and put me in touch with a former roommate who had been a “mayor” of Boys Town. (The student body formerly elected a fellow student to serve as the mayor of Boys Town, which is an incorporated city with its own police force.) “Yeah...Father Kelly molested me,” confessed Fred Carter, Hill’s former roommate. Carter also confirmed King's pandering of Boy's Town children, "There were certain kids that had that look...and marketability.… They were young, and… it was just all about money.” Fred | Audio 1

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