Boys Town

Hill next introduced me to Tony Harris, another former Boys Town student on the “Leads List.” Harris lives in Kansas City, Missouri, and he greets us at the door of the two-story brick home rented by his girlfriend. Tall and svelte, at 40 he retains the physique of his youth, when he was a star running back for the football team and sprinter for the track team in the Boys Town Class of ‘81. Harris, in a white T-shirt and blue jeans, has the looks and build of a top-notch male model. Hill and Harris hug, joke, and reminisce as we walk into the living room and sit down. They banter for five minutes or so before turning their attention to me, producing an uneasy silence. After I explain my motives to Harris, he consents to be interviewed. Hill excuses himself to play games on Harris’ computer.

“Another Boys Town student recruited me for King,” paraphrasing Harris, who, like Hill, was unemployed. “He flew me to Washington several times with five to ten other kids. Half of them were probably from Boys Town. Appearances can be deceiving, but these men appeared to be quite distinguished, with their jewelry and tailor-made clothes. High society types, I would say. King would pay me anywhere from $100 to $500 in cash, and drugs were also available. I’d also get privileges back at Boys Town. King told me if I talked there would be ‘consequences,’” Tony | Clip One

Nikolai Cayman is a former Boys Town student who isn’t on Caradori’s “Leads List.” When he originally enrolled in Boys Town in 1985, his name was Andre Paine. Cayman changed his name to avoid disgracing his family: He currently wakes up every morning in the confines of a federal prison cell for the possession of child pornography.

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